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Some Information

OSArmor was developed at the end of 2017 by NoVirusThanks, a small cybersecurity company
based in Italy. We created OSArmor with the focus to prevent a ransomware or malware infection by blocking the first stages of the infection. As of today, OSArmor counts more than 250 sophisticated process-blocking
pre-sets that can be easily enabled/disabled by the user, along with thousands of internal smart rules to block suspicious processes behaviors. It is able to stop also not-yet-known malware infections thanks to its intelligent rules. An experienced user can drastically increase the defense layers by using pre-built advanced rules
or by writing custom process-blocking rules. Due to the popularity and good feedbacks from both users and businesses, on October 2020 we decided to update OSArmor with some important
features and we moved it to its own dedicated website.

Watch OSArmor in Action

Here is a video where we tested OSArmor with some malicious Microsoft Office
documents and other malicious files that are spreaded as attachments via emails. In the video you can see OSArmor successfully stopped the infection chain on the first stages, thus blocking the malicious
payload (for example a ransomware) from infecting the system.

Try OSArmor for 30 Days

Don't forget that you can try OSArmor application for 30-days
(no credit card is required). Just download and install the software on your computer,
you can use it and test it for 1 entire month.

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